Saturday, December 27, 2014

................and a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope your holidays have been fabulous so far!  What are your plans for new Year's Eve?  Do you go out or stay home?  Spend it with kids or not?

We usually opt to stay in on New Year's Eve.  Sure, I fantasize about dressing up in some fancy outfit and heading for San Francisco for a wonderful (expensive) dinner in a place with a fantastic view of the city's festivities.  Then a big party with dancing and a countdown.....  but instead I usually spend it at home with the hubs, a cozy fire and a bottle of champagne, snacks for the kids, playing board games and watching New Year's Rockin' Eve on the tube.  At midnight they go outside with those confetti poppers and yell "Happy New Year!" with the neighbors.   And it's perfect. 

This year, I have an adult beverage planned that is like a mimosa, but instead of orange juice you use orange or tangerine sorbet.  Yum!

And for the kids, cookies and milk.
Like I could come up with milk & cookies on my own!  haha

We will play board games like Scattergories and Pictionary, celebrate at home, and be in bed by 12:03.  If that's not a fancy-pants way to ring in the New Year then I don't know what is!

I know everyone is pretty shopped out, but I do want to mention our South Hill Designs  End-Of-Year Sale.  There are some fabulous deals there!  The Greek letters and pink lockets are being retired, so if you have any interest in those items, this would be your last chance.  Sale runs through Jan. 5, 2015.  And if you opt to email me your order rather than order from the site directly, I will give you an additional 10% OFF, making these items 40% off or better!

Browse my website and then email your order to by Jan. 4, 2015 for the additional discount.

Let me know if you try those mimosas!  And hey, any resolutions this year?  I am still working on mine.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Goose Is Getting Fat...

Here we are!  Just roughly two weeks to go.  How is your holiday season going?

Around here it's so far, so good.  We have had a busy month so far!  We put our tree up right after Thanksgiving.  Do you have a real or artificial tree?  I still love real, but we have had a fake one for several years now and I have to say-- it's nice to just bring it in from the garage, no needles falling everywhere, plug it in and there ya go.  But I do miss the fresh smell of a real tree.  

It was also my birthday last week.  Pretty uneventful, but there was cake.  My 9 year-old mused, "It seems like a birthday is just another day when you are a grown-up."  Yep.  That sums it up pretty well.

In CA we have had some much-needed rain.  It is seriously strange to have it pour and pour for a couple of days.  You forget what a rainy day is during a drought!  Well, yay, the grass is green again!  

I was so lazy today.  I mean L-A-Z-Y.  
Like never-got-out-of-my-sweats lazy.
Didn't-brush-my-hair lazy.
Wore-my-socks-all-day lazy.

I didn't even go to the grocery store.  
I made my husband go.
He called me like fifteen times to ask questions about the list.
He does that every time I send him to the store.
Cracks me up-- don't you pay attention to the kind of milk we drink?
I love him.
He spared me a trip to the grocery store in December.

I stayed home instead and organized my jewelry and did some decorating. 

I also did some online Christmas shopping.  I am so thankful we have that option these days, aren't you?  I can't wait for everything to arrive so I can wrap it all up!  I feel so relieved to have some of our kids' gifts taken care of.  

You can get some Online Shopping done, too, if lockets are on your list.  I'd love to help you design something special for someone special.  I am gifting lockets to several people.  There is nothing I love more than choosing just the right one.

The amazing new ring would make a GREAT gift for someone who likes to make a statement with their jewelry!  It's gorgeous.
It's the size of a medium locket- you can put charms, a beautiful screen,
whatever you want inside.

We even have gifts for men!  
Check out these and the Trinity bracelets!  They are amazing!

Now to decide what kind of cookies to make this year!
Any ideas?

Have a Charmed Day!