Friday, March 14, 2014

I Was Ready to Take On the World Until I Saw Something Sparkly...

It has been such a beautiful week in Northern California.  Sunny and 70's.  If you are still dealing with freezing temps,  I am sooooo sorry.  I cannot imagine.   I can make up the guest room if you like.  ;)

I left work (school) early the other day and took my youngest to the park.  I just felt like that sunshine needed to be absorbed and enjoyed.  I felt kind of bad because we didn't invite anyone with us, but he said, "It's ok.  I'll just make a new friend there."  That's Aiden for you.  And he did make a friend.  He's 8.  And super cool.

We ended our afternoon with ice cream.

Perfect day.

We need rain though.  Like really badly.

I have been playing with some locket ideas and last weekend one of the girls at my retreat was wearing just a chain with one of our open heart charms looped through.  It was so pretty and delicate.  I decided to add the wedding ring and another heart and string them on the diamond cut ball chain.

                           What do you think of it?  Sometimes you just want simple, you know?

Here's how it looks on.  

I love it.  I have been pairing it with a locket, but you can wear this on its own, too.  So super cute.

I am so glad the weekend is here!  What are your plans?

  I have family time planned for Saturday with these guys:

and a South Hill social on Sunday.  

Perfect weekend!  Yay!

I hope yours is charming!  :)

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