Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life Is A Circle

I love this quote.  This idea.  It is so simple to see Life as a circle-- when you are in hard times you can have faith that better times are to come!

That is the theme of today's post! :)

We had a great week!  My students made leaps and bounds in terms of getting the procedures and routines of the classroom down.  That makes everything run so much more smoothly and makes this teacher very happy!  See?  Circle.

I laughed a little bit Friday morning as I woke up my three kids for school.  I noticed that on Monday they were a little slow to wake.  Tuesday and Wednesday were a bit easier.  Thursday was meh.  And Friday no one wanted to get out of bed!  It's hard to go from Summer to school routine, isn't it?  Circle.

I love the balance I am finding in my life.  I am a Wife. Mother. Teacher. Artist. 
 I am so happy when I find the time to be all of these things.  
A complete circle.  :)

For me, LOVE is the center of my circle.

Love is essential to all things.  Obviously, the people we love are what is most important to us.  But it is also important to love what you do in life.  If you don't love your work, find something you love outside of work...or change your work!

We also must always have HOPE.

When you are having a hard time, Hope is what gets you through.  People who give up have lost hope.  No matter what, no matter how hard life is for you on any given day, you must search for Hope!  It's always there!  But you have to seek and find it.

One of the most wonderful things you can do is to INSPIRE others.

You can inspire someone just by being you!  You can inspire someone who is struggling to find Hope by giving them an ounce of your own.  You can inspire without even realizing-- just go about your life in a positive way, find the lighter side in everything, and give away smiles as if they were free!  ;)

Our Inspiration Rings are a beautiful way to represent what means most to you.
These beautiful rings "hug" your favorite charms and tell the world what you are feeling.  Best of all,when worn in your locket, you are literally holding these sentiments close to your heart.

Life is a Circle.

Have a Charming Day!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Always Have Hope

I took this photo recently and it really says what I'm feeling.  You just can't ever give up.  There is always hope; there is always something to hope for.  And, no matter how hard Life might be right now, it could always be worse.

Just a thought.  A deep thought.  
I am not going into detail.  That's not what this post is about.

Onward and forward.  

How has your week been?  I feel like I have been wrung out and hung to dry by little munchkins that are like 3 feet tall!  hah!  They are coming right along but boy, I am exhausted by the end of each day!   I am at 23 kids and climbing.  

But hey-- here's a huge success this week!  I saw this project on Pinterest and decided to try it!  I am the Queen of very familiar with "Pinterest fails."  So imagine my excitement when this turned out so cute!  My students glued cut-up colored straws to their names.  These are going to go on my Writing wall to display their writing all year!   Seriously, the trickiest part was cutting the straws (which I did, not the kids!).  You'd be surprised how prone those little pieces are to flying away!  But totally worth it.  Anyway-- fun craft to do with your little ones!

I have BIG plans this weekend!  They include sleeping in, staying in my PJ's until noon, and playing with lockets (my favorite!).  Actually, I do have things to do AND it's my dad's birthday Saturday!  So I may not be in my PJ's all weekend, but I'll still be enjoying two whole days of no one saying "Teeeeaaacherrrrrr!"  *wink  

Speaking of pajamas, I also have a South Hill Designs Facebook social this weekend!  Super fun!  Hey- if that sounds like something that might be up your alley sometime, let me know!  Facebook socials are so easy to host (no house-cleaning or cooking required).  And you get all the same rewards you would get for hosting an in-person social!  My last hostess received $150 in free jewelry!  She danced around her house like a crazy person was very happy.  We literally "partied in our PJ's" and she ended up with tons of beautiful stuff!  Let's do it! :)

Ok, off to tackle another week!  I feel an amazing breakthrough in my classroom coming on!  I'll keep you posted!  Let me know if you try the straw activity!  My kiddos really loved it!

Have a Charming Day!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week One-- Check!

Well, we all survived the first week of school!  I am now officially the mom of a 4th grader, a Junior, and a SENIOR!!!  It's surreal.  It seriously does not seem possible.  But they are all happy to be back at school, surprisingly!  My 4th grader said this was his "best school week ever!"  That's miraculous, people!

My Kinder class is fabulous, of course!  Was I worried?  haha  
They have the attention span of fleas, but I can work with that!  No one is swinging from the rafters.  No one ate the glue.  It's all good.  

I am enjoying a relaxing weekend.  I had the world's best pedicure yesterday!  Ahhhh..... just what I needed after being on my feet all week!  I do need to run to the store today, but other than that I think a little pool time is in order.

With Fall just around the corner, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Fall locket looks.  I love that I can simply switch out the charms and I have a whole new theme!

 Put the Tree of Life in the background and 
add in your favorite Fall charms!

 Or put your Monogram in the background!  Same idea!

Here is the oval tree of life over the Magma embellishment.  
This is a high-class look and will get you compliments for sure!

I love Fall!  I am looking forward to pumpkin-everything and cooler weather, and wearing a sweater!
I think the gold and rose gold are so perfect for Fall, too!  They are so crisp and bold-looking!

What is your favorite thing about Fall?  
What will you miss most about Summer?

Have a Charming Day!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

First Day Jitters

My brain is on overload!  Haha
Every time I think I am ready for my new class, I think of something else I need to do!  Thank goodness they start Tuesday and not Monday!  Whew!  Every last second must be planned and you must have a backup plan for your backup plan in Kindergarten!  I forget every year, too, how short their attention span is at the beginning!  I can scarcely get a complete sentence out of my mouth without being interrupted with:

"When is lunch?" 
"I want my mom!" 
"I have to go potty!" 
"Is it time to go home?"  

Ah, but they do learn!  And it's amazing to see!  And that's why I do it.  So remind me of that please, when I come to you on Tuesday night, crying from exhaustion!  Remind me.  Pour me a glass of wine and remind me. :)

Thank goodness I have a First-Day-of-School locket to wear, too, right?  
The "Inspire" ring is so cool, don't you think? It can
go in your locket, instead of the coin!

And so I leave you with this thought today!  If you have a young child in school, you can be sure his or her teacher knows way more about you than you think! 

But no worries, we'll keep it on the down-low!  *wink *wink  

Have a Charming Day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An AMAZING Opportunity For YOU!

OH what a week!  This is my classroom.  No, this is not how it looked when I left it in June.  Actually, it was in better shape when I returned than it usually is at the end of summer.  Sometimes I have to move every bookshelf and file cabinet back to its place.  But anyway, everything is out of place when we return to our classrooms.  It seemingly takes forever to get it looking right again!  I don't have an after pic yet, but I'll post when I do.  The good part is, it gives me a chance to re-think the layout of my room and sometimes I get a genius idea about how to change it!  haha  

Shopping for new goodies for my room always puts a pep in my step!  I even found some scented ink pads for the writing center!  Gah!!!  Raise your hand if you believe my little kinder angels will ONLY stamp their PAPER with the grape ink!  Yeah, me too.  

And the reality of this one hit me this week, too.  (Though we spell it KindergarTen!) ;)
In fact, one week from today I will be meeting my new family of littles.  Some will come in just like that boy-- self-assured and confident, ready to take on the universe of knowledge waiting to be absorbed!  And many will come in like that little girl-- hanging on for dear life to the most readily-available limb of a parent, screaming bloody murder, and refusing to accept the fact that they are going to love Kindergarten and ME darn it!!!  This usually goes on for a week or two.  Eventually, they all succumb to my tricky tricks!  Smelly stickers and a "Treasure Box" go a long way with 5 year-olds!


Have you entered my Giveaway yet?  There are still a few more days to get your entry in!  

I also need to share this AH-Mazing Opportunity with you!  

Let me see if I can make this simple. You join with a kit for $199 and get $600 worth of jewelry. Do it in August and get an ADDITIONAL 50 charms worth $250 more... 

Um... This is a no-brainer! 
The only question is, when are you signing up???!

Seriously.  If I could go back and sign up again, I would!  Wow!  Even if you decide not to work your business and just take advantage of the discount-- there is nothing to lose!  But most likely you'll find that a South Hill Designs business is the most fun you've had in awhile. :)

Have a Charming Day!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Happy Day and a Giveaway!

Ahhhh... the weekend!  What are you doing this weekend?  Currently, I am sipping coffee, feet up in my recliner, pondering the coming week's activities and obligations as if they are a far-off fantasy that I may never have to face.  Let's not even think about Monday.

I am heading to a scrapbooking Expo later today!  So excited!  (It's the little things! Literally!)  Don't you love scrapbooking "stuff"?  It's all just so cute and clever and creative.....aaahhhh!!  But have you ever actually finished a scrapbook?  Um.....let's not go there.   Oh the pages I've envisioned.  This is why scrapbookers actually LOVE our lockets!  It's like wearing your little masterpiece-- and way less work!  ;)

Have you seen our DIY charms?  You get to add your own photo and make it your own!  We have them in two sizes and they are TONS of fun!!  I just might maybe be doing a teeny tiny GIVEAWAY involving these adorable and unique charms!!!  I know-- somebody stop me!  hehe

Such a sweet way to carry loved ones close to you, 
or to remember a special vacation or occasion!

Imagine giving Grandma a locket with her sweet grandchildren inside!  Or for a new mommy.  Or in memory of someone who has passed.  It is a touching and heartfelt gift!

You could also put a picture of your favorite team in there.  Or a favorite character from, say, the happiest place on Earth...  hmmm.....

Ok, ok I know I said the word "Giveaway" and then I left you hanging.  Here's how it works:

1. Follow my blog-- in the lefthand column you can choose to "join this site" or follow by email.  

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4. In the comments below, please let me know that you completed the 3 steps above and how you followed this blog page (did you "join this site" or follow by email?).

I will draw a winner on Friday 8/14/15 to choose the small or medium photo charm-- and I will even assemble it for you if you email me your photo!  

South Hill Designs has an amazing Opportunity!  It is easy to start your own business and start earning an income!  If this interests you, leave a comment about that as well and earn an additional entry into the Giveaway!  

Have a Charming Day!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ready, Set.......GO!!!

What does August mean to you?  If you have children, it may mean back-to-school!  In my house, this is less of a celebration, since it also means MY summer is over!  I am heading back to Kindergarten.  Again.  For the 16th time.  17th if you include the year I was actually IN Kindergarten! hehe

Our summer has been fantastic, albeit short!  It is so nice not to have to set an alarm for several weeks, to run errands in the middle of a weekday when stores are not crowded, to head to the beach or the movies "just because" ...and just to catch up on LIFE!   I am very appreciative of this time off to recharge-- and believe me, I need it!   Oh boy.

Switching gears to routines and alarms and getting everyone to school on time is easier said than done!  So I have some tips for you to get your school year off to a GREAT start!

1. Plan ahead.  Pack lunches the night before.  Have older kids help you or pack their own lunches!

2. Post your schedule.  Put it in writing!  Let your kids know what time they need to get up, eat 
breakfast, and be out the door so that everyone is on time and there is no last-minute rushing around!

3. Have everyone put their school things by the front door the night before!  There is nothing more frustrating than being ready to head out the door and suddenly someone can't find their folder/backpack/shoes!

4. Schedule homework time and daily downtime.  It can be hard for kids to readjust to the demands of a new school year.  I like to give them a little time to relax after school, have a snack, and then delve into homework-- but do what works best for you and your family!  During homework time in our house, the TV is off and I am available to help when needed.  This is a good time for me to work on my South Hill Designs business-- which also serves as my "downtime" after a demanding school day!  

5. Plan something fun for the weekend!  Even if it's just a family movie or game night, it's good to have some time to reconnect after a busy week.  

My most important piece of advice would be to be ready to go with the flow!  It's not going to be perfect!  But after a few weeks, you'll all be back in the routine and everything will be moving along pretty smoothly.  Good luck on a wonderful new school year!!!

Have a Charming Day!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Family First

It has been a way too fast great summer!  Took the kids to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk yesterday and had a blast!  The cousins are still here visiting so we have been keeping them all as busy as possible to preserve our sanity! I love that we live so close to so many beautiful and fun places to visit.  I definitely prefer a stay-cation over a long trip any day!

My daughter and nephew on the log ride-- so fun!

My youngest son and nephews on the Tornado-- a fun 
spinning ride that you could not 
pay me to go on!

The first two from left are mine-- ages 9 and 15, the one on the right is my nephew, age 8.  The went on this ride-- the Crazy Surf-- like 10 times!  

These are almost all of my mom's grandkids.  My sister has one more boy who is 2. (It was his birthday yesterday!)  He did not come out to visit this time.

This week has also been busy with my daughter's behind-the-wheel classes.  She is 17 and waited awhile before testing for her driving permit.  She wasn't in a hurry, which was fine with my husband and I.  But now it's all happening.   She's becoming a good driver.  But it's terrifying nerve-wracking.   It's so hard when your kids grow up and start doing grown-up things like driving and graduating.  She will be a Senior this year and our middle son, a Junior.  Seems like yesterday they were off too Kindergarten!  Why does time have to fly so quickly??   Sigh.
She is driving my Ford Excursion.  It's huge, but I like to have a little metal between 
us and the other guy.  Just in case.

Tonight, I was challenged to a ping pong tournament by all the kids.  I am proud to tell you I smoked both my sons and both my nephews and will be taking on my daughter tomorrow!  I hope she's ready!  I know I will be!  (insert maniacal laugh)

I have been wearing my Ocean Love locket-- the August locket of the month!  It's so pretty and fun to wear!

It's like bringing a little of the beach with me.  I know I'll miss Summer 
a little less when I bring this along!

Have a Charming Day!