Saturday, August 1, 2015

Family First

It has been a way too fast great summer!  Took the kids to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk yesterday and had a blast!  The cousins are still here visiting so we have been keeping them all as busy as possible to preserve our sanity! I love that we live so close to so many beautiful and fun places to visit.  I definitely prefer a stay-cation over a long trip any day!

My daughter and nephew on the log ride-- so fun!

My youngest son and nephews on the Tornado-- a fun 
spinning ride that you could not 
pay me to go on!

The first two from left are mine-- ages 9 and 15, the one on the right is my nephew, age 8.  The went on this ride-- the Crazy Surf-- like 10 times!  

These are almost all of my mom's grandkids.  My sister has one more boy who is 2. (It was his birthday yesterday!)  He did not come out to visit this time.

This week has also been busy with my daughter's behind-the-wheel classes.  She is 17 and waited awhile before testing for her driving permit.  She wasn't in a hurry, which was fine with my husband and I.  But now it's all happening.   She's becoming a good driver.  But it's terrifying nerve-wracking.   It's so hard when your kids grow up and start doing grown-up things like driving and graduating.  She will be a Senior this year and our middle son, a Junior.  Seems like yesterday they were off too Kindergarten!  Why does time have to fly so quickly??   Sigh.
She is driving my Ford Excursion.  It's huge, but I like to have a little metal between 
us and the other guy.  Just in case.

Tonight, I was challenged to a ping pong tournament by all the kids.  I am proud to tell you I smoked both my sons and both my nephews and will be taking on my daughter tomorrow!  I hope she's ready!  I know I will be!  (insert maniacal laugh)

I have been wearing my Ocean Love locket-- the August locket of the month!  It's so pretty and fun to wear!

It's like bringing a little of the beach with me.  I know I'll miss Summer 
a little less when I bring this along!

Have a Charming Day!

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