Monday, July 27, 2015

Are You A Social Butterfly?

Have I mentioned how much I love Summer?  (Insert winky face here.)

My nephews are visiting from Texas this week.  They are 10 and 8 and they flew to California all by themselves!  Pretty grown-up.  My kids are so excited to have their cousins here.  The volume around here has increased dramatically!   That's ok-- they're having fun!  My sister and I have three kids each.  Five of the six are boys.  My poor daughter!  haha  (At 17, she is the oldest of all of them and really doesn't mind being the only girl!  She gets a little spoiled because of it!)

So between now and the start of school, I am busy with these crazies and working on my calendar before the serious craziness hits at the beginning of the school year!  I do have some dates open for South Hill socials!  If you live in my area and have not yet hosted a social, I am so sorry I have not asked you!  They are SO much fun!  I do all the work and you and your friends get to play with jewelry!  Best of all, just for hosting, you get presents!  In addition to the free and half-price items your social earns, you also get an additional gift.  
Host a qualifying social in August and receive this stunning purple leather tassel on a gorgeous gold chain!  This is so en pointe with the current trends in jewelry.  Love!
Host in September and receive this beautiful and classic Madison bracelet and silver earrings.  This is a great way to enhance any look you are wearing and goes with everything!  

What is a South Hill Social? you ask. 
Well, a South Hill Social is unlike any "party" you've ever attended for a direct sales company!  There is no boring presentation!  There is no sales pitch!  I have not memorized any speeches or lines.  LOL  There is no pressuring your friends to buy things they don't need!  I do a simple and brief intro and then you and your friends get to play with the jewelry!  Put lockets together, try things on, see how many charms fit in your favorite bracelet.  Whatever!  There are usually a lot of oohs and ahhs, and a lot of laughing.   Your friends will love it!

And socials can be done just about anywhere!  In your home, backyard, at a local coffee shop, even a pizza place!  

So think about it!  Decide which of these specials you would rather have (August or September) and let me know and we'll find a date that works!  

Not local to me or you'd prefer a different option?  We can do your social on Facebook!  Facebook socials are fast, fun, and fabulous!  Rewards are the same!  You just get your friends to the event page and I'll do the rest!

Theme ideas: Fun but not necessary :)

I would love to spoil you and your friends so let's get you on my calendar!

Ok, off to a BBQ at my mom's with all the cousins!  I hope they're quiet tonight!  Oh now that's funny! 

Have a charming day!

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