Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Still The One

How was your Valentine's Day?  I love February!  
This week I will celebrate 11 years of marriage with this handsome guy!

Wow we looked young.  

The time has really flown.  Our three older kids were very small 
at  our wedding-- ages 5, 6, & 7.  They are now practically adults. 
 And our "baby" is 10.  

Life with him has been interesting!
We've had tons of fun, lots of laughs,
and more than our share of bumps in the road--
Life truly is a roller coaster ride, isn't it?
But here we are, eleven years later,
eleven years stronger.

You're still the one, Babe.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

You and Me

Can it really be February already?

Wow.  Valentine cards and conversation hearts
and giant teddy bears everywhere!  Hah!

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?
I usually get my kids a little something,
but Hubby and I don't do much since our
anniversary is 6 days later.
I'll probably get him a box of chocolate.
And then I'll probably proceed to eat most of it.
And he'll say it's ok and insist HE actually ate most of it
and tell me I shouldn't feel guilty.
I guess that's why this marriage works.  *wink*
Oh to be young again.

I have been very busy this week getting acclimated to

The best way to go about it is to click on the link, 
then choose "products" from the bar at the top.  
From there, you can choose what you want to explore first.
Essential oils?
Healthy weight loss?
Versastyle jewlery? (Don't miss that!)
Scrapbooking and photo stuff?

It's a crazy-awesome website so full of things that I know will
pique your interest!  You can sign up for a FREE account and 
get your goods at wholesale prices, too!  What a great concept!

At this time, the South Hill Designs products are still on my 
Everything will be merged over the next few weeks.

I just placed my first Youngevity order and it's due to arrive tomorrow!
I can't wait to see it all! There is so much more I want to try, too!

Ok, off to wrap up homework duty and pack lunches for tomorrow!  
The weekend is in sight!

And Superbowl weekend to boot!  
My hubby is a HUGE Denver fan so....

Who are you rooting for?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Perfect Couple

Photo credit: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/fernicola/8329972339/">fernicolapablo</a> 
via <a href="https://visualhunt.com">
Visualhunt</a> / <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/">CC BY-NC</a>

Are you half of that "perfect couple?"
You know the ones.  They go together
like peanut butter and jelly.  
Like peas and carrots.
Like wine and...well anything else.

You get the idea.

So it's no secret that I love lockets.
I mean, if you scroll back over this blog
or if you know me personally
you know I take more pictures of lockets 
than of my own children.
(No offense, kids.  It's just that the lockets
don't argue when I get the camera out.) ;)

I truly never thought I could love a jewelry
line as much as I have loved South Hill Designs.

And then came Mialisia.

Just watch!

Everything I have seen from this line is so amazing!
I really can't wait to get this stuff together
with my SHD lockets and start really rocking this
beautiful "marriage" of jewelry!


So in case you're confused...

South Hill Designs has merged with Mialisia.  So now
both of these gorgeous lines of jewelry will be available on my
website-- in the very near future.  The minions are working
diligently day and night to get everything underway.

And there's even more!  Mialisia (and now South Hill) 
is owned by an even larger, publicly traded company
called Youngevity.  

Youngevity is basically an amazing
one-stop direct sales shop!  Through Youngevity you can
purchase essential oils, incredible vitamins and other health products,
organic coffee, mineral makeup, clothing, and of course
this gorgeous jewelry!  I know.  It sounds a little confusing at first.
But it won't be.
Um....and did I mention you'll be able to order all of these 
awesome products at a WHOLESALE price?!
It's crazy-good!
As soon as my Youngevity site is up I'll share it and let you browse.
You might want to make a snack.

Photo via <a href="https://visualhunt.com/">VisualHunt.com</a>

Ok, as much as I would like to just play with jewelry all day, I do have things I need to accomplish.

I have to adult.

Raise your hand if you think that's overrated.

Yeah, me too.

Have a charming day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


What a difference a day makes sometimes, right?  

How do you feel about change?
For some, it can be very difficult to accept.  
You just want things back the way they were, 
or you don't want to put the energy into learning something new 
or a new way of doing things.  
It can be very time-consuming.  
It can take a lot of your time and energy.  
And yes, change is hard.

I wonder if caterpillars feel this way.


And this is a big BUT...
 Change can also be incredibly rewarding...life-altering even!
When you accept it, don't fight it, and lean into the wind, well...

So, I am embracing this change with South Hill Designs 
and Youngevity.  
I'll tell you all about it very soon.  

But for today
I want to encourage you
to embrace change.

Because you just never know what you might find
around the next corner.

It could be something you didn't even know you needed!
It could be the most amazing thing that ever happens to you!

Have a charming day!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life Is A Circle

I love this quote.  This idea.  It is so simple to see Life as a circle-- when you are in hard times you can have faith that better times are to come!

That is the theme of today's post! :)

We had a great week!  My students made leaps and bounds in terms of getting the procedures and routines of the classroom down.  That makes everything run so much more smoothly and makes this teacher very happy!  See?  Circle.

I laughed a little bit Friday morning as I woke up my three kids for school.  I noticed that on Monday they were a little slow to wake.  Tuesday and Wednesday were a bit easier.  Thursday was meh.  And Friday no one wanted to get out of bed!  It's hard to go from Summer to school routine, isn't it?  Circle.

I love the balance I am finding in my life.  I am a Wife. Mother. Teacher. Artist. 
 I am so happy when I find the time to be all of these things.  
A complete circle.  :)

For me, LOVE is the center of my circle.

Love is essential to all things.  Obviously, the people we love are what is most important to us.  But it is also important to love what you do in life.  If you don't love your work, find something you love outside of work...or change your work!

We also must always have HOPE.

When you are having a hard time, Hope is what gets you through.  People who give up have lost hope.  No matter what, no matter how hard life is for you on any given day, you must search for Hope!  It's always there!  But you have to seek and find it.

One of the most wonderful things you can do is to INSPIRE others.

You can inspire someone just by being you!  You can inspire someone who is struggling to find Hope by giving them an ounce of your own.  You can inspire without even realizing-- just go about your life in a positive way, find the lighter side in everything, and give away smiles as if they were free!  ;)

Our Inspiration Rings are a beautiful way to represent what means most to you.
These beautiful rings "hug" your favorite charms and tell the world what you are feeling.  Best of all,when worn in your locket, you are literally holding these sentiments close to your heart.

Life is a Circle.

Have a Charming Day!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Always Have Hope

I took this photo recently and it really says what I'm feeling.  You just can't ever give up.  There is always hope; there is always something to hope for.  And, no matter how hard Life might be right now, it could always be worse.

Just a thought.  A deep thought.  
I am not going into detail.  That's not what this post is about.

Onward and forward.  

How has your week been?  I feel like I have been wrung out and hung to dry by little munchkins that are like 3 feet tall!  hah!  They are coming right along but boy, I am exhausted by the end of each day!   I am at 23 kids and climbing.  

But hey-- here's a huge success this week!  I saw this project on Pinterest and decided to try it!  I am the Queen of very familiar with "Pinterest fails."  So imagine my excitement when this turned out so cute!  My students glued cut-up colored straws to their names.  These are going to go on my Writing wall to display their writing all year!   Seriously, the trickiest part was cutting the straws (which I did, not the kids!).  You'd be surprised how prone those little pieces are to flying away!  But totally worth it.  Anyway-- fun craft to do with your little ones!

I have BIG plans this weekend!  They include sleeping in, staying in my PJ's until noon, and playing with lockets (my favorite!).  Actually, I do have things to do AND it's my dad's birthday Saturday!  So I may not be in my PJ's all weekend, but I'll still be enjoying two whole days of no one saying "Teeeeaaacherrrrrr!"  *wink  

Speaking of pajamas, I also have a South Hill Designs Facebook social this weekend!  Super fun!  Hey- if that sounds like something that might be up your alley sometime, let me know!  Facebook socials are so easy to host (no house-cleaning or cooking required).  And you get all the same rewards you would get for hosting an in-person social!  My last hostess received $150 in free jewelry!  She danced around her house like a crazy person was very happy.  We literally "partied in our PJ's" and she ended up with tons of beautiful stuff!  Let's do it! :)

Ok, off to tackle another week!  I feel an amazing breakthrough in my classroom coming on!  I'll keep you posted!  Let me know if you try the straw activity!  My kiddos really loved it!

Have a Charming Day!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week One-- Check!

Well, we all survived the first week of school!  I am now officially the mom of a 4th grader, a Junior, and a SENIOR!!!  It's surreal.  It seriously does not seem possible.  But they are all happy to be back at school, surprisingly!  My 4th grader said this was his "best school week ever!"  That's miraculous, people!

My Kinder class is fabulous, of course!  Was I worried?  haha  
They have the attention span of fleas, but I can work with that!  No one is swinging from the rafters.  No one ate the glue.  It's all good.  

I am enjoying a relaxing weekend.  I had the world's best pedicure yesterday!  Ahhhh..... just what I needed after being on my feet all week!  I do need to run to the store today, but other than that I think a little pool time is in order.

With Fall just around the corner, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Fall locket looks.  I love that I can simply switch out the charms and I have a whole new theme!

 Put the Tree of Life in the background and 
add in your favorite Fall charms!

 Or put your Monogram in the background!  Same idea!

Here is the oval tree of life over the Magma embellishment.  
This is a high-class look and will get you compliments for sure!

I love Fall!  I am looking forward to pumpkin-everything and cooler weather, and wearing a sweater!
I think the gold and rose gold are so perfect for Fall, too!  They are so crisp and bold-looking!

What is your favorite thing about Fall?  
What will you miss most about Summer?

Have a Charming Day!