Thursday, August 27, 2015

Always Have Hope

I took this photo recently and it really says what I'm feeling.  You just can't ever give up.  There is always hope; there is always something to hope for.  And, no matter how hard Life might be right now, it could always be worse.

Just a thought.  A deep thought.  
I am not going into detail.  That's not what this post is about.

Onward and forward.  

How has your week been?  I feel like I have been wrung out and hung to dry by little munchkins that are like 3 feet tall!  hah!  They are coming right along but boy, I am exhausted by the end of each day!   I am at 23 kids and climbing.  

But hey-- here's a huge success this week!  I saw this project on Pinterest and decided to try it!  I am the Queen of very familiar with "Pinterest fails."  So imagine my excitement when this turned out so cute!  My students glued cut-up colored straws to their names.  These are going to go on my Writing wall to display their writing all year!   Seriously, the trickiest part was cutting the straws (which I did, not the kids!).  You'd be surprised how prone those little pieces are to flying away!  But totally worth it.  Anyway-- fun craft to do with your little ones!

I have BIG plans this weekend!  They include sleeping in, staying in my PJ's until noon, and playing with lockets (my favorite!).  Actually, I do have things to do AND it's my dad's birthday Saturday!  So I may not be in my PJ's all weekend, but I'll still be enjoying two whole days of no one saying "Teeeeaaacherrrrrr!"  *wink  

Speaking of pajamas, I also have a South Hill Designs Facebook social this weekend!  Super fun!  Hey- if that sounds like something that might be up your alley sometime, let me know!  Facebook socials are so easy to host (no house-cleaning or cooking required).  And you get all the same rewards you would get for hosting an in-person social!  My last hostess received $150 in free jewelry!  She danced around her house like a crazy person was very happy.  We literally "partied in our PJ's" and she ended up with tons of beautiful stuff!  Let's do it! :)

Ok, off to tackle another week!  I feel an amazing breakthrough in my classroom coming on!  I'll keep you posted!  Let me know if you try the straw activity!  My kiddos really loved it!

Have a Charming Day!

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