Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An AMAZING Opportunity For YOU!

OH what a week!  This is my classroom.  No, this is not how it looked when I left it in June.  Actually, it was in better shape when I returned than it usually is at the end of summer.  Sometimes I have to move every bookshelf and file cabinet back to its place.  But anyway, everything is out of place when we return to our classrooms.  It seemingly takes forever to get it looking right again!  I don't have an after pic yet, but I'll post when I do.  The good part is, it gives me a chance to re-think the layout of my room and sometimes I get a genius idea about how to change it!  haha  

Shopping for new goodies for my room always puts a pep in my step!  I even found some scented ink pads for the writing center!  Gah!!!  Raise your hand if you believe my little kinder angels will ONLY stamp their PAPER with the grape ink!  Yeah, me too.  

And the reality of this one hit me this week, too.  (Though we spell it KindergarTen!) ;)
In fact, one week from today I will be meeting my new family of littles.  Some will come in just like that boy-- self-assured and confident, ready to take on the universe of knowledge waiting to be absorbed!  And many will come in like that little girl-- hanging on for dear life to the most readily-available limb of a parent, screaming bloody murder, and refusing to accept the fact that they are going to love Kindergarten and ME darn it!!!  This usually goes on for a week or two.  Eventually, they all succumb to my tricky tricks!  Smelly stickers and a "Treasure Box" go a long way with 5 year-olds!


Have you entered my Giveaway yet?  There are still a few more days to get your entry in!  

I also need to share this AH-Mazing Opportunity with you!  

Let me see if I can make this simple. You join with a kit for $199 and get $600 worth of jewelry. Do it in August and get an ADDITIONAL 50 charms worth $250 more... 

Um... This is a no-brainer! 
The only question is, when are you signing up???!

Seriously.  If I could go back and sign up again, I would!  Wow!  Even if you decide not to work your business and just take advantage of the discount-- there is nothing to lose!  But most likely you'll find that a South Hill Designs business is the most fun you've had in awhile. :)

Have a Charming Day!

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