Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life Is A Circle

I love this quote.  This idea.  It is so simple to see Life as a circle-- when you are in hard times you can have faith that better times are to come!

That is the theme of today's post! :)

We had a great week!  My students made leaps and bounds in terms of getting the procedures and routines of the classroom down.  That makes everything run so much more smoothly and makes this teacher very happy!  See?  Circle.

I laughed a little bit Friday morning as I woke up my three kids for school.  I noticed that on Monday they were a little slow to wake.  Tuesday and Wednesday were a bit easier.  Thursday was meh.  And Friday no one wanted to get out of bed!  It's hard to go from Summer to school routine, isn't it?  Circle.

I love the balance I am finding in my life.  I am a Wife. Mother. Teacher. Artist. 
 I am so happy when I find the time to be all of these things.  
A complete circle.  :)

For me, LOVE is the center of my circle.

Love is essential to all things.  Obviously, the people we love are what is most important to us.  But it is also important to love what you do in life.  If you don't love your work, find something you love outside of work...or change your work!

We also must always have HOPE.

When you are having a hard time, Hope is what gets you through.  People who give up have lost hope.  No matter what, no matter how hard life is for you on any given day, you must search for Hope!  It's always there!  But you have to seek and find it.

One of the most wonderful things you can do is to INSPIRE others.

You can inspire someone just by being you!  You can inspire someone who is struggling to find Hope by giving them an ounce of your own.  You can inspire without even realizing-- just go about your life in a positive way, find the lighter side in everything, and give away smiles as if they were free!  ;)

Our Inspiration Rings are a beautiful way to represent what means most to you.
These beautiful rings "hug" your favorite charms and tell the world what you are feeling.  Best of all,when worn in your locket, you are literally holding these sentiments close to your heart.

Life is a Circle.

Have a Charming Day!

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