Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Journey is the Destination

Boy.... do you ever start something and then slack off?  And before you know it months have passed? Not to worry-- I'm baaaaaack!  Back to blogging regularly-- hold me to it!

Sometimes life just gets in the way, doesn't it?

This is oh-so-true.  We definitely make time for what matters.  

It has been a wonderful Summer so far-- I am a teacher so I really enjoy this time of year to recharge!  I love not having to set an alarm, being able to shop for groceries on a weekday, spending a day by the pool with my kids, reading for pleasure.... it's BLISS!  

Last weekend I got to spend an amazing few days with my South Hill Designs family at our 2015 Inspire Conference.  

Oh-Em-Gee it was so much fun!  I had been feeling a little....flat lately.  Like I was wandering aimlessly, or maybe I had veered a little off the road for a bit.  Conference lit a fire in me!  Not only did I find the road, but the fog cleared and I can SEE my destination!!!
I never once wavered in my desire to build my business-- that was not the issue.  I just had lost my spark-- but it's been lit again and is brighter than ever!

It's an amazing feeling to be part of a company that truly believes in you.  They really listen!  That is abundantly clear in the new and innovative products they introduced to us last week.  Holy smokes!  

Have you seen the new Octagonal Locket?  Who would think just adding some edges to the locket would make such a stunning statement?!

These are Inspiration Rings.  They are the size of the large coins & screens, but give your locket a whole new look!  It's like they give your charms a little hug!

Some Artists are even wearing these alone on a chain!  
Love this statement!

Quite possibly the most ingenious invention yet though is the Linkable Locket.  Watch to see how they work!  I am over the moon for this concept!  

What do you think?!!

Placing an order is easy!  Just go to my website and select what you want.  
(and this is a big BUT)

There is an even better Opportunity here, waiting for you!  If you are wondering what it takes to be a South Hill Designs Artist, let's talk!  

Is it complicated?  No!  Expensive?  Heck NO!  Time-consuming?  No, no, and NO.

Is it FUN......FLEXIBLE.....and REWARDING?  

Comment here with your email or email me at if you would like the info.  No pressure, just information from a mom, a teacher, a wife who has found an amazing way to enhance my own life and contribute to my family budget.  I was not pressured to join and I would never pressure you!  But when you find something this HAVE to SHARE!!!  

Have a Charming Day!

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