Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer Is Calling

Has Summer vacation officially begun where you live?  We have 18 more days of school and then......


I hope my kids can handle it.

You know.

The boredom.  haha

No, but seriously.

How many days in until they start
saying they're bored?  

Maybe I should start a pool......

Speaking of pools--

Poolside at our Tahoe condo.....

Playing with the cousins in our pool at home.

One of my favorite pics on the lake last summer.
South Lake Tahoe

I can't wait to start making Summer memories!!!

And I super can't wait for the South Hill Designs National Conference in July!!!!!!
Especially so I can come back and share all of our Amazing NEW products with you!

So, how do you wear Summer in your locket?

Here are a few ideas:

Pacific opal accents in the large silver with crystals look
like the clear blue water of the Caribbean.

Use a locket extender to add a mini to your large locket.

I love the use of the green crystals in this one.  
And that turtle is one of my favorite charms!

Create a beach scene in your locket!  I can even affix
your charms so they will stay in place if you want!

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or email me at
for more information!



Summer is calling!!!

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