Sunday, July 6, 2014

Conference Bound!

How is your Summer going?  It is in full-swing here!  Kids are off, looking for things to do every day.  Our backyard has the tell-tale signs of pool parties and barbecues.  It has been a lovely and relaxing Summer so far and I just hope it lasts forever  doesn't fly by too quickly!  To kick off the Summer, I did a super fun event with a couple of the girls on my team.  We had such a great time sharing the SHD love with so many people!

This weekend I will be in Arizona at the 2nd South Hill Designs USA Conference!  I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself!  It promises to be an incredibly inspiring experience and, of course, tons of fun with my SHD family!  One of the most exciting parts of Conference is the release of new product-- I can't wait to share that with you!!!

In anticipation of Conference, SHD has released a few new products already, just to get us all ready for the excitement to come!  Have you seen the  beautiful new wrap colors and the stunning GRAPHITE locket bracelet?  LOVE them all!!!

These are available to order now on my website.

We also have an amazing special called the "Summer Magic Collection."  It consists of all the charms you see here, plus the white flower screen AND the "Inspire" coin for just $40.20 US!  
You can order it here under the pre-design category.

There are so many possible combinations with this collection!  Here is an example of 5 different lockets I made with ONE "Summer Magic" set!
Think of all the possible combos with these beautiful charms!  
AND that white screen isn't even available for purchase on its own!!!

I hope your Summer is full of memory-making and happy times in the sunshine!

Looking forward to sharing exciting news and new products with you very soon!

Until then-- Stay Charmed!

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